Diligence and Experience, in Harmony with Nature

Our mission is to work in harmony with nature, from how we prune the vines in winter to the way we harvest the grapes in autumn.

Stetten’s famous hillside fortress, the Yburg, rises up directly above the estate. One of Württemberg’s finest Riesling vineyards, the “Stettener Pulvermächer,” winds around its imposing stone walls in steep terraced plots. On the other side of the village rises another one-of-a-kind vineyard renowned for its powerful, distinctive growths, the “Stettener Mönchberg.” Karl Haidle started with just 0.5 ha of vines back in 1949, but the estate has since grown to include vineyards from all around Kernen-Stetten and the Rems Valley. The estate’s current 25 ha of land are all cultivated organically.

The adage “great wines are made in the vineyard, not the cellar” is the estate’s guiding principle. Diligent organic work in the vineyard consistently gives voice to each site’s distinctive characteristics. The estate’s philosophy is anything but easy, demanding intensive manual labor and extreme yield regulation among other measures. As its experience with organic practices has grown, the estate has begun focusing more clearly on each individual vineyard, nurturing their often very old and deep-rooted vines into producing grapes that reflect a sense of place unlike any other.